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Selling or buying a property is often experienced as stressful and complicated. We created Inside to offer our clients a 5-star, high-performance service to make their experience a happy one. We help our clients through this life transition, accompanying them successfully through each stage of the experience. We are real estate facilitators.

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Revealing the Potential, Working Magic

Because you buy a lifestyle

We reveal the unique life experience of your property and its area in order to sell it to our informed prepared buyers, fast.


A real work of form and substance, of connecting sellers and buyers together.


What we Do Is Inside

Fluidity, Clarity

Because you need to be informed before you sign a contract:

We compile all the relevant information, legal documents and certifications of our properties for sale. In one click, buyers have access to it in full transparency.

All-Clear Inside.

Our Commitment

team, pledges

We advocate action

A massive nudge to sell your property and decide on the best investment for your future home. Benefit from our unique sale strategy and our full services support.

Estimated price = Guaranteed price


Transparency for everyone

Get an Estimate of your Property

The Appraisal of your Property in 48 Hours

We commit ourselves within 48 hours to give you a detailed and professional appraisal. Benefit from our knowledge of the local market, an "all-inclusive" service and a know-how, enriched by more than 20 years of experience in the Brussels real estate market.

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Stay in the Loop of our Favorites

Are you looking to buy and you appreciate the uniqueness of Inside's properties? In an ultra dynamic market, it may be necessary to make an offer quickly to get the home of your dreams. Become an Insider and be the first to know about new properties coming in. The Inside team will be with you every step of the way.

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